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Tips To Stay Focused on Your Goals

We all have goals in life we really want to achieve, but for some reason never think we will. Why do we do this to our selves? Why do we tell our selves we cant get our dream job or take that vacation? We are always putting ourselves down, but about a year ago I decided to start changing that for myself, and I have reached so many of my goals since. Since I stopped putting myself down and really focused on my goals, I got to travel in Tanzania and talk a ski instructor certification program. Things really changed for me, and I hope these tips of mine can help you stay focused on your goals too.

Write Your Goals Down

You are way more likely to remember what your goals are if you write them down and even better if you write down the steps you have to take to achieve that goal. While Writing down your goals and all the step you need to do. Think really in depth about them like how much will it cost or how much time it's going to take to achieve these goals doing this will help you evaluate every decision that will affect your goals.

Talk To People About It

Let the people around you know about your goal. By letting the people around you know about your goals they can help keep you on track and can maybe even help you achieve your goal. Plus by talking to the people around you about your goal will help keep it at the front of your mind and hopefully more focused on it.

Set “Due Dates”

Once you have a plan for achieving your goal set due dates for the little things you will need to do to accomplish those things. Let's say your goal was getting a new job set due dates for yourself for when you want to be done updating your resume or when you want to have applied for the job and so on. By setting due dates for your self, you can stay focused on the little goals instead of getting lost at the idea of your primary goal.

Get Excited

Get excited about your goal if you want to travel so where look up pictures and watch videos about it. The more excited you are about your goal, the more you're going to want to achieve it, and the more likely people are going to be willing to help you. When you're excited and, passionate people want to get involved and help

Let People Know When Your Struggling

If you ever feel overwhelmed or want to give up let someone know so they can help you get back on track and help boost your confidence back up. Good friends can really help you stay on course but if you don’t have anybody to help support you in your goals feel free to DM or email me to let me know what your goal is all of my socials are on the website if you’d like to get in touch.