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Tips To Help With Your Stress And Anxiety

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

I’ve been struggling with anxiety ever since I could remember, which means I have tried many different things to help manage it throughout the years. On most days I can keep my anxiety or panic attacks at bay which is a vast improvement for myself. In this blog post, I’ll share the few things that help me out throughout the days you’re out and about and for the days at home.

Have A Routine

I can’t tell you how much having a morning routine that works smoothly helps me have a calm start to my morning. If you have a chaotic morning routine or don’t have one at all your starting your day out with unnecessary stress and that will stay with you for the rest of the day. So if you need some help getting into a morning routine, maybe you want to check out my blog post on starting your own morning routine.

Limit Caffeine

I know I know we all hate hearing it, but limiting your caffeine helps more then I like to admit because wow do I love my coffee. If you can’t give up coffee try waiting for your morning coffee till after you eat breakfast so your body has something in your tummy to help stable out all that caffeine so you won’t get those jitters. Another alternative is you could switch to tea instead of coffee with a little less caffeine content.

Eat Balanced Meals

I’m just as guilty as the next when it’s the middle of the day, and I’m out running around just to grab whatever is in reach for lunch or something really sugary. When your blood sugar starts to crash your body starts going into a fight or flight response when your in that place it’s going to be much easier to start feeling anxious and panicky. Eating a well-balanced meal is going to help keep your blood sugar much more stable all day long.

Being Tools to Help You

Treat yourself like a child, if you were running around with a kid all day, you would pack toys and snacks to help them through the day do the same for yourself. If rubbing essential oils on your wrists helps you stay calm pack some in your bag or keep a bottle in the care. If Listening to music keeps you feeling good being earbuds so you can plug in and give yourself a “song break” to recenter yourself before moving on with your day… like a mental time out for yourself.

Eat Regularly

Eat regularly to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the whole day. I know personally that if I'm eating lots of sugar or not very often at all that day and my blood sugar is spiking and crashing my anxiety gets so much worse. This one is straightforward, just pack a couple of snacks in your bag or leave a couple of bars in your car

Be Aware

No matter how many tips I give you the only thing that is going to let you start to overcome your stress or anxiety is being aware of yourself. If you try and do every single one of these tips but aren't aware of your body, you aren't going to get anywhere. We are getting more and more out of touch with our bodies are we get busier and busier. Try really paying attention to your body and listen to what it's saying to so you can later be freer and at peace with yourself.