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Things To Know Before You Move Out For The First Time

I recently moved out of my parent's houses temporarily while training to get my ski instructor certification and like most high schoolers, I was over the moon excited to move out of my parent's houses and get to experience all that new found freedom. The Idea of not having to tell everyone your plans for the day getting to like by the beat of your own drum is so exciting, but in most cases behind all that excitement is a little fear and that’s okay. Here are ten things I wish I knew before moving out for the first time.

You Might Cry

After packing up all my stuff and saying goodbye to my dad I put everything in my tiny car feeling good. I was blasting the music being in my groove till I pulled out of the driveway and then it hit me I’m leaving home for the very first time and cried my eyes out. It can be a really heavy realization so take your time processing it, change takes time moving out for the first time is a big change slowly it will be much less scary it comes in waves of amazing and scary.

You're Going To Spend Way Too Much Money

My first two months of settling down into the new place I spent way too much money on everything. I spent way too much money on groceries for the most part. Compare prices at all the grocery stores near you and look out for coupon booklets at the front of the store and ask if they do any reward programs it will help your wallet and I always used the coupons to help me plan my meals for the week. Along with the topic of food, you will go out more then you should just because you can hold off till you've been in your new area for a bit and look into happy hours or any special deal days till you go out. Not only did I spend too much on food but I also spent too much on entertainment and new things there's no one there saying to do homework before going to the movies with friends or not to buy that new shirt. I’m not telling you what to do with your money, but everything in moderation.

Pay Attention To Your Health

When I first moved out I bought everything I never had in my parent's house and those things tended to be absolute junk. Now that your the only one making decisions don't forget to take of yourself during all the play. Your body will tell you how it’s feeling pay attention to what it’s saying to keep yourself from getting sick and gaining the freshman 15.

It’s Hard to Make New friends When You Live Alone

In my case I'm not alone, I live with my boyfriend but he’s done this before, but it’s hard to make friends when you don’t have a roommate or any neighbors. In most cases the first time you move out it's into a dorm and there are lots of people around you all the time and you think it will be super easy to make friends, but not always and if you find yourself, in that case, get involved in thing you normally wouldn't normally find yourself doing. You’ll meet people you wouldn't run into on your everyday routine.

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

If you don’t understand how to fill out one of the hundreds of new forms you will now have to fill out in your new adult life it’s okay to call home and ask for some help it's okay if you can't do EVERYTHING all by yourself yet. It’s okay to call home and ask for help or ask if your peers could help you out.

True Althea XOXO