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Spring To Do List

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

As each season rolls in we all start to get excited about the new activities or apparel, we get to enjoy for a said season but as each season passes we tend to wish we got to fill the season with a few more memorable moments. I know as a winter lover I keep holding on to the snow much longer then I should and tend to miss out on spring so here are my spring must do’s for 2019.

Get In The Water

The spring season means the water can still be pretty cold, but I always look back on my friends and I jumping in way before its warm outside and always laugh. There's something about being dumb and laughing that really sticks with you and gives you what I call “life bubbles.” If getting freezing cold rafting down a river or jumping in the lake if a little bit too much for you just let loose an be silly with your friends those are the moments you remember.

Start Running

Since the spring is still reasonably cool compared to the summer months, I like to push myself in my work out routine before it gets too hot. The Spring is excellent for early morning runs and hike since its still cool a couple hours after the sun comes up. I know that I will start getting back in shape by the time summer comes around and being aware of how hot it gets in the summer it's nice to take advantage of it while can. Running and hiking in the spring can be rather refreshing compared to the hot sweaty mess I am in the summer

Try out a New style piece.

Each new seasons brings new trends and style trends popping up on your feeds, but most of the time we try and stay in our comfort zone. I myself am afraid to take a leap of faith with my clothing choices, but recently I’ve been getting a little more adventurous and the change of seasons is the perfect time to get the ball rolling for you. Almost everyone's wardrobe has to go through some kind of change when switching from cold weather to hot weather and spring is when that starts happening so take a few risks I doubt anyone will think it out of your comfort zone or the expected.

Spring Clean

Yes yes I know we all hear it you have to spring clean, but lots of us don’t. Let me sound like your mother for a moment and really go spring clean go through everything that feels messy in your home or life and deep clean it take the time to take care of yourself. The messier the space you live in, the less likely you will be productive and organized in other parts of your life. Take the time to clean now before the summer comes, and you're to busy all the time, and it gets really out of hand, you'll thank yourself later.

Start A Seed

Spring is a time of growth and new beginnings so why not start something new like gardening or even just one plant to have around your place. It’s fun to watch the seed grow into a full grown plant and maybe it'll also inspire you to start gardening. Plus its a much cheaper option than buying a cat or dog cause you need something new to do.

Visit The Farmers Market

Now that its spring farmer markets start slowly emerging. Go visit your local farmer market and get back in touch with a part of your community. You could even make your visit to the farmers market a whole ordeal by going and getting your self a cup of coffee then taking your self on a walk to the farmers market and then afterward you can cook yourself an in-season fresh dinner. I love planning these days into my schedule on the weekends instead of watching way too much Netflix and eating my house out of junk food.

Host a BBQ or Picnic

I love hosting dinner parties or outings with my friends or even family, but that's a whole different story in the winter where we are confined to indoors to the most part. When spring rolls around the excitement for grilled veggies and finally get to sit on the patio instead of the corner booth. If you aren't feeling super up to the idea about hosting a dinner party then maybe just invite a friend or two over and eat dinner together.