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Spring Resolutions

Every year in January we all make new year resolution, and since we’re human we fail at them most of the time, or we change as the year goes on and that goal isn't relevant anymore. So in addition to my new year resolutions, I like to make seasonal goals, and since spring is right around the corner for most of us or in some cases as even already started, I thought I would post this now to inspire you guys to do the same hopefully.

Start Working Out Again

During the winter months, I’m skiing just about every day for around 5 hours and just don’t have the energy to go to the gym for the additional exercise. I tend to get into a workout routine after the ski season ends, but this year id like to have that routine ironed out for the most part by the time ski season is over.

Do More Charity Work

Before moving for my training this winter I lived in a teeny tiny town where there wasn’t a lot of charity

programs running that peaked my interest so now that I’m moving around to larger towns id like to get a little bit more involved in the community around me and have the opportunity to connect with others.

Spring Clean My Wardrobe

Since I plan to be moving around more often now that I’m out of high school, I think it’s time to get rid of a few things. All those gifts I didn't have the heart to say I didn’t like should now find a new home and to take a better look at the things I really wear and how versatile they really are since ill be packing reasonably often.

Eat Seasonally

In the next upcoming season of spring, I want to make a real effort to eat more seasonally and locally. In the spring months, farmers markets start to be more easily found giving me an easy way to eat seasonally and locally grown produce while supporting the community around me. Plus as a little side note, I hope to start making smoothies for breakfast again not that winter is on it’s way out.

Drink More Water

In the winter I find myself gravitating towards coffees and tea instead of water, and my skin is suffering...badly. So in spring as things are starting to warm up, I’m hoping to switch my habits to more healthier options maybe by cutting up some fresh seasonal fruits and dropping them in my water bottle to trick me into drinking more water.