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Parts Of Traveling That No One Tells You About

After High school, I made the switch from a stationary life to semi-nomadic life where I don't stay put for much longer than 6 months which I absolutely love and am very grateful that I have the resources and support to do so. After about three months into my new semi nomadic lifestyle, I started noticing a few things that I had wished people would have told me about travel beforehand or had given me the tools to cope with the speed bumps down the road. Not every part of traveling is lovely and mysterious, parts of traveling really stink and are much harder then I had initially thought.


When I left my small town in Minnesota I was banking at a tiny bank and didn't look into the travel side of my debit card because it had always worked fine for me in the states, well that was a huge mistake. While I was in Canada, miles, and miles away from anyone who could help me, I ran into plenty of banking problems which could have left me in a really scary or unsafe situation. My card got blocked for fraud so many times I don't actually know how many times anymore. My card got blocked on a Friday while we were in a major city and I had no money till Monday when the bank opened that's not okay in any way, but it wasn't the bank's fault they thought someone had stolen my card. If I hadn't had someone with me on the trip, I wouldn't have had gas to get home or money to get a hotel room, that's scary to think about. What would you have done if you were alone in that situation? The lesson I learned is to always have some cash on you and before heading out on your exciting travels take the time to take a look into your current banking and what their policies are.

Packing Limitations

Of course, we have all struggled with fitting everything in our suitcases on our way to some fabulous vacation, but it's a complete game changer when you have to keep in mind you will be living out of your suitcase for months on end. I am very lucky I have only been traveling via car, which means I don't have to think about how much I'm able to carry from terminal to terminal or any baggage fees. My biggest challenge is packing seasonal friendly clothing. It's hard to pack clothes for summer and winter while still feeling good about the outfits you packed. Plus to add a whole other dynamic to the mix, I don't have a home base to ship things back to give myself more room and I promise after 12weeks of wearing the same few things you will hate putting those clothes on just remember that.

Special Events

While I was in Canada getting my ski certification, I turned 18, and I had a wonderful birthday, but part of me missed all the good wishes and being surrounded by family during that special moment. It made me rethink my values and what was actually important to me. When planning any extended travels take a look at what holidays you might be missing and think about who is going to be really missing you on those days. Think about if you'll have service or not on that day. Think about how you can still feel involved on the day without being there or plan how you're going to make up for those missed moments when you get back from your travels.


We've all been disappointed before its part of life, but when you pay thousands of dollars to go visit a country and you put all this time into bookings and research to get there, and it is nothing like what people told you or thought you were getting yourself into its incredibly jarring. Last Christmas I went to Tanzania, and while I was doing research on the country, the excitement of my travels fogged up my bullshit detector, when I landed in Dar Es Salaam I was scared. I actually wanted to hop back on the plane and go home because I was so unready and disappointed at my first 15min in Tanzania I couldn't appreciate the fact that I got the chance to be there. When you are scrolling through social media and see all these travel bloggers posting the most beautiful photos most of the time that photo you are looking at is the perfect angle so you don't see the trash fire in the background or they edit the water from the brown color it is to the beautiful sea blue we want to see. When I got home, and I was mapping out everywhere I had been I saw the google maps photos and wished I had seen them before I got to my destination because the images were real, unedited photos not taken by a photographer trying to take the best shot. I think if I had seen those photos before getting to Dar Es Salaam, I wouldn't have had that initial shock and fear I felt because I would have had a much better idea of what I would be getting myself into instead of the fantasy social media lead me to believe.

Traveling comes with its ups and down like everything in life, and I wish everyone got the change to travel because of the perspective you gain from traveling, but it's not always as easy breezy as we would like it to be. I hope that my blog post today will help you overcome some of the speed bumps you may experience while on your travels or at least shed some light on a few things you might not have thought about before today. Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions you have and please share with anyone you think may benefit from reading my post. I hope you have a fantastic day!