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Packing Tip's For Tanzania

Tanzania has lots of variety of terrain and whether you can travel through that you will have to keep in mind when packing for your trip. Once you have thought about the weather and climates you will be traveling in now you have to think about the activities you will be doing on your vacation. Just to add a little bit more complexity you have to keep in mind that Tanzania is a rather modest country and just because you are almost always obviously a tourist you will most likely be a lot of unwanted attention your way primarily as a woman. I wrote down a what I packed and why down below so you can use it as a rough guide for yourself and also gets some ideas for your travels to Tanzania.

Hemline Length

When You are in central Tanzania, you will want to keep the hemline or your skirts and pants rather long anything above the knee, and you'll get much more stairs then usually. That being said if you are on any of Tanzania's islands or coastline this rule is much more forgiving if you can see or hear the water from where you are or are walking to the beach.

Color’s & Patterns

In Tanzania, you can get away with tons color as long as it’s not flash but load bold prints are very common around Tanzania. Do keep in mind though if you are going on safari, you will want to wear very natural muted colors to not scare off the animals. If you have a very bright wardrobe in general just make sure to stay away from any bright, warm colors like reds and yellows, the tribes-people in Tanzania wear red on purpose to scare animals away from there homes and crops so wearing red will not help in this situation. On safari, you'll want to keep your clothes pretty simple little shiny jewelry and little pattern.


The sun in Tanzania is deathly for those of use you have a lighter complexion or don’t live in a sunny climate. When packing remember you won't be able to wear shorts, tank tops or crop tops in most of Tanzania. You will want to look for light flowy materials to keep you covered from the sun and modest but hopefully not overheat. Another quick tip is to check to see if that piece of clothing gets sweat marks easy because I promise you will sweat since most of Tanzania has no AC.


Since Tanzania is a rather modest travel destination make sure the majority of your clothes aren't extremely figure-hugging even if the hemline is long. If you do choose to ignore this tip bring a light scarf or wrap just in case you get uncomfortable and feel the need to cover up when you are out and about. Plus a scarf is nice to have if you catch a quick breeze at night or start getting sun burnt and need a little more coverage.


There is lots of walking and public transportation in Tanzania that you will most likely end up doing your fair share of while traveling this country. Since Tanzania is still a rather poor country, you will want a bag to keep all your possessions in instead of using your bag pocket or holding it in your hand. Make sure your bag has a shoulder strap; you can wear the bag across your body for safety reasons and peace of mind.


When planning your outfits for your trip hold back on some of your bigger sparkly pieces in your collection. Women in Tanzania do wear big jewelry, but it’s beaded, or rather minimal pieces like hoops and women tend only to wear one or two pieces at a time unless it’s tribal wear. If while you are on vacation feel like you are missing out don’t worry there are plenty of women making hand made jewelry that you can add to your collection.


Since Tanzania is rather hot, you probably won't be wearing sneakers most of the time, but do be aware that the roads are usually uneven or are really dirty so being yourself a pair of sturdy sandals to actually protect your feet from anything harmful in the street like glass and rocks. The beaches in Tanzania are rather clean in my experience so you won't have to worry so much next to the water.