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My Road Tripping Essentials

Last weekend my boyfriend and I took a road trip from Fernie BC to Kingston Washington. I’ve road tripped a good amount in my life, and because of that, I have a list of essentials I always being with me or remember to do first. They're just a couple things I still being with me or make sure are towards the front of the car instead of waiting for the next gas stop to dig through all my stuff. Let me know what your next road trip is afterward.


I would only pack my one refillable water bottle and then buy bottled water after that before I started bringing refillable water bottles. Which makes no sense why would I pay way more for bottled water and just plan ahead and pack a couple of water bottles and a big jug of water to refill later at my hotel or Airbnb. Refillable water bottles keep your water colder, you have money, and it’s much better on the environment it's a win-win.

Comfy Clothes

I have no clue how some people road trip in full get-ups I mean that sounds horrible. I can barely wear makeup on road trips I fell so nasty from being stuffed in the car all day. I try and wear leggings or sweats with a flowy lightweight shirt instead of getting bloated in my jeans and they stab me for hours.


I always remember to pack all my medications, and over the counter remedies it’s one of the first things I pack just to make sure, but I don’t always remember that I might need them during the drive. No one really wants to unpack their suitcase at a highway pull off to try and find their medication instead of getting to your destination on time. If you are like me and always forget set your self a reminder on your phone the for the night before you leave telling you to put them in the front of the car.


I think snacks are one of my favorite parts of road tripping. I go crazy on snacks when I know we have a road trip planned, I mean I will pack a whole box in the back seat or maybe even a cooler. I like to pack things I know the gas stations or fast food restaurants are not going to have. If I am on a special diet ill pack all my meals to make sure I don’t break my diet, but otherwise I just try to bring fresh fruit or hummus to help tide me over and fill me up on healthy stuff, so I don't eat as much junk.


I always pack napkins in the glove box since I am such a snacker plus I rarely sit down in a restaurant when I am road tripping to save time for the special stops like for hikes or hot springs. So to save your self from a messy car or sticky hands just pack a few napkins or a roll of paper towels in the snack box for only in case.

Feminine Products

I just had to add this to the list because aunt flow pulled a sneak attack on me while we were driving through Canada and not a single gas station had a tampon or pad. So now it is for sure on the list.

Fuzzy Socks & Blanket

My boyfriend and I are never on the same page about temperature plush I am such a coze monster I love blankets, so I always add this to stuff to keep near the front. Plus everyone hates being too hot or cold, so it’s a good compromise.