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Must Have Items For Spring Exploring

In the spring you will find yourself meeting some more unusually and sometimes rather frightening speed bumps. I go on mini excursions rather often where I am either out of cell phone service or have no one to come pick me up if I can’t hike out or if my car breaks down. In the northern states where I lived the spring meant that the frozen lakes started melting and everything is so muddy. Since spring brings some new exciting challenges here are a few things I add to my backpack in the Spring. If you are in need of adding these things to your set up there will be links to a couple of options below.

Extra Wool Socks

In the spring I always make sure to pack an extra pair of nice thick wools socks in case my feet get wet or cold, and I need the help keeping them warm till I can get back home or in the car. In lousy case scenario, I also have them if I have to walk a far way in case my car did break down I would hopefully avoid getting any blisters. Even in the warmer months, I bring extra socks, but in the colder months, I always make sure to bring thick wool socks.

A Light Weight Rain Jacket

Spring is notoriously rainy, So I will always pack a lightweight rain jacket to keep dry or protect you from the wind. If you are like me and have slipped into the mud your fair share of times, then a rain jacket is also really great for keeping the mud off your seats when you get back to the car. In my experience, Northface jackets have been my favorite, but can be a bit pricey. If you are trying to stay on a budget, don’t worry you don’t need to splurge on a rain jacket and spend your money on insulating items where quality really matters.

Hot Water

I try and always being hot water with me when it’s a little chilly outside, or I know the lakes and rivers are still cold as well. I'll just fill up a vacuum insulated water bottle with some hot water out of a teapot or even just the faucet if I am in a hurry. I always have tea or an electro light powder in my bag at all times just in case, but hot water is also great for staying warm and hydrated so why not have the extra benefit of staying warm while you are out there exploring.

Hiking Poles

Spring usually wraps up my ski season which means I’m generally in colder environments in the spring. Poles are always a help in navigating harsh environments, but especially when there are any leftover snow patches or the fields of mud, you may encounter. Poles are also lovely to hang anything off when you don’t want to put something on the ground if its wet or muddy.

Of course please always take these tips with a grain of salt and still let someone know where you are going and when you intend on being back by before heading out.