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Must Do Things In Tanzania

Last Christmas, my family, took a vacation to Tanzania for two weeks. It was a fantastic trip no doubt, the way we chose to travel within Tanzania was very intense though. We did Tanzania on a budget because the tickets to get there from the states were rather expensive, and there were four of us on the trip and with most vacations the more you pay, the more casual the experience is. Tanzania is rich with experiences and a culture I had never really had the chance to have been exposed to. My trip to Tanzania was, and there are a few must do things, in my opinion, no matter the budget.

Go On Safari

This is a well duh must do for me. If you don’t go on safari while you're in Tanzania, then you didn't really go to Tanzania in my mind, sorry. I went on Safari for three days with a tour guide. My experience on safari was amazing, I loved every second of it. I got to see lots of animals on safari including lion cubs they were so cute!


Parts of Tanzania are Indian Ocean coast with a wealth of beautiful sea creatures. The best snorkeling will be on the Islands of Tanzania like Mafia Island and Zanzibar. Because of the incredible amount of diversity Tanzania has to offer I promise you will always be surprised by the landscapes around you. I got to swim in a coral reef with lots of colorful fish and then 15min away I swam with harmless jellyfish in the bluest water I have ever seen.

Swim With Whale Sharks

I have loved whale sharks for a while now, and I was sick with excitement the morning I work to get on the boat to go find them, and I mean it was life-changing for me. We all pilled on the boat and cruised around till all of a sudden your jumping into the water, and then everything is quiet, and it’s just you and this giant, harmless creature in the middle of the ocean. I will never forget that moment. Do be aware if you might want to wear a life jacket to call ahead and ask if they have one on the boat, you don't need to wear a life jacket if you don't want it up to you.

Hang Out With The Tortoise

On a small island off of Zanzibar called prison island where they have a sanctuary just for tortoises. Almost anywhere in Stone Town on the shore, there are lots of little boats running every so often out to the island for a small fee for there and back make sure you know what time the boat driver will be back to come to get you. Once you get on the island you can walk around as much as you want if you want to go into the sanctuary there is another small fee to get in, they gave us some cabbage to feed them, so it was worth the small fee plus the money goes to keeping up with their facilities.

Visit A Village

Over lots of Tanzania, there are still very traditional tribal villages. Most of the villages have a small shop where the women of the tribe sell hand made beaded jewelry. If you do choose to visit a tribe, please take a guide with you so that they can translate for you and make sure you don’t accidentally offend anyone or seem rude. Our Safari guide told us beforehand to bring some school supplies or candy for small children to hand out. Ask your guide beforehand to make sure it’s okay not all villages let the children interact with you.