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International Travel Essentials You Need

As I’ve started traveling more and more over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed that there are always a few specific items that every traveler has in there bags. Of course, there are the obvious things you need to bring with you like socks and underwear, but I’m more talking about things that most people would never even think about bringing with them on their travels. As I have traveled more, I’ve started adding to the list of things I need while abroad or even just heading out for a weekend getaway. After having to learn my lessons the hard way, I hope this list of international travel essentials will make your next getaway a little bit more manageable and less stressful.


Traveling while depending on electronics can be really hard and since I need to be editing photos and blog posts and then also uploading them at the right times. Making sure all of my electronics stay safe and charged is kinda a big deal for me. Plus we all need to keep our cameras charged, so we never miss any moments we need to capture. While I was on safari in Tanzania, we glamped, and that meant no electricity so after fighting that uphill battle I’ve learned a few things. The first lesson I learned is your cords will become a mess after traveling for an extended period of time. Be warned if you have more then one cable it doesn’t matter where you put them they will find each other and yet again make a giant mess so our first product is a cord organizer pretty straight forward I would say. The second product we will be talking about is an outlet adapter. Just so you know most outlet adapters do not convert the voltage which can fry your electronics so do not plug them in overnight or your phone/computer might not work in the morning, I learned that the hard way. Most of those cute compact outlet converters only convert the outlet, and you usually can’t use anything that takes a lot of power as a hairdryer. The outlet converter AND voltage converter I linked down below is a little bit bulkier than the average outlet converter, but there are a ton of safety features in it to make sure or at least try its very best to make sure your stuff is not fried plus it will let you use those higher power items. The third item I will be talking about is a power bank for when you don’t have anywhere to plug your stuff into which was my problem while in Tanzania. The power bank I linked below can charge your phone up to four times. I make sure my power bank is always charged and on me when out of the room cause you never know what can happen so just a little tip make sure your power bank is charged at all times if you are not currently using it you'll thank me later when you get into one of those situations

Personal Care

Traveling can be somewhat stressful, and for people who have a routine or health needs taking care of yourself while traveling is a priority. In my mind, personal care is anything from eating right to putting chapstick on dry lips so this list might seem a little bit like your junk drawer, but I promise everything is essential in my opinion. I’ve linked some excellent BPA free containers that are approved by TSA, or at least they say they are. I like having these silicon toiletry containers instead of going out and trying to find travel sizes of all my products. I always try and bring a towel if it fits because I don’t always stay at hotels and it’s nice to just throw one of these antibacterial compact towels in your bag for when you are on your outing for at the beach or if a seat is dirty you name it.

Another thing that I think everyone should have is some type of disinfecting wipes and or hand sanitizer. Traveling is notorious for getting people sick and with that in mind I like to have a sanitizing solution for on bus rides, on the plane, and for your hand, while you are out in an about. I love having wet ones because you can clean your hands up if they get dirty, unlike hand sanitizer where you just move the dirt around.

In Plane Care

In most cases, when you travel internationally, that usually means you will be taking a long flight. As we all know, planes are super drying for your skin. I took a 26hr long flight to Tanzania, and my skin was dead by the end, the air is so dry on planes, so I take a few extra precautions to keep myself comfortable while on those long flights. I have a pretty hard time sleeping on planes, so a long flight seems like the perfect time to do some self-care. I like to bring sheet masks for my face, under eyes, and lips to keep my skin nice and moisturized while on the plane plus hopefully make me look less tired when I arrive at my destination. In addition to my lip mask, I also bring a lip butter for on and off the plane. To continue with the topic of moisturization, I like to bring a face mist like the Mario Badescu spray to freshen up a little.

Not only do planes dry out your skin, but there are tons of acne inducing bacterias on the plane and while traveling most of us don’t eat very well, to combat this I being some pimple patches. The pimple patches I linked below are amazing I swear by them and the most helpful thing about them, in my opinion, is that they blend into your skin really nicely and no one even notices if you have a lighter skin complexion. The last two things on my list are eye drops and nasal spray, this might seems a little weird to some of you, but I am telling you those planes suck the water out of you, and after a nap, your nose and eyes will be so uncomfortable. I was miserable the last time a didn’t bring these two things I almost couldn’t sit still I was so uncomfortable, I actually got a bloody nose from my skin being so dry. Trust me you NEED eye drops and nasal spray for long haul flights.


While traveling, we all need to make sure we stay safe and hopefully return home with all the things we brought. I have stayed in hostels and hotels that did not have locks or have been to airports that won't let you take your baggage into the restroom with you and if you are by yourself that means your bag is sitting there alone which I don’t have to tell you is scary. Since I travel with a lot of camera gear and my laptop the worth of my suitcase is a lot, and I do not want to have to replace all those items when I get to my destination, and neither do you no matter what is in your bag. So the three products down below help me put my mind at rest while I am traveling. First, off the suitcase lock, I have this on my suitcase the second after I get through security and its mostly just to deter people from taking my bag in the first place. Since they won't be able to get in it the second, they nab it hopefully they won't take it, and no one can put anything in my bag while I am not looking. The second lock is your average bike lock, but I use it to chain my already locked bag to things so if I am not allowed to bring my bag with me I can at least secure it to a post or handle. I also like to lock my bag to something if I am staying in a hotel and I know housekeeping will be stopping by. On to the travel safe, I love this product because one it small and I can lock my passport or any other valuables into it and know they are safe, but it also has a metal wire on the outside to lock it on to other objects, the same idea as the bike lock. Okay now our last item is a basic first aid kit for obvious reasons, you can just make your own that's what I do, but you can also just buy one linked one below.


Comfort could technically be considered a luxury, but for me, it is a must, especially when taking long flights. I hated neck pillows because first off it just takes up way to much room and I would always end up packing out the part of the pillow right behind my neck, which is the vital part, until I bought this neck pillow and I mean it was life changing I will probably never buy one from anyone else. This neck pillow is inflatable, so it folds up much smaller than the average neck pillow, but the soft velvet like material on the outside is super comfortable. Since this pillow is inflatable, you can decide how firm or soft you would like it to be which if you are one of those people who suffer from neck problems like me is a giant plus! Next thing on my list is a down travel blanket for cold planes or in your room, this blanket has an almost waterproof outside making it easy to clean off if it gets any spills or dirt on it plus its super lightweight and warm since it’s down. The last two things on the list are an eyemask and presser regulating ear plugs to help you sleep on the plan or while trying to sleep in a noisy hotel or hostel.


This section is pretty self-explanatory when I travel, I tend to bounce around a lot, so I can see as much of my destination as I can, which tends to make my suitcase a mess. My first product is a jewelry organizer, I bring a lot of jewelry with me when I travel to spice up the six outfits I could fit in my suitcase, and It almost always turns into giant naught of delicate chain until I got a jewelry organizer. The next thing on my list is compression bags, I like the plastic ones in case any water gets in my suitcase my clothes stay dry, and it saves me some room. These bags can be used with a vacuum and without just by rolling them. These compression bags have saved my life on the way home after buying way too many souvenirs.


Now, these are not essentials but are really nice to bring if you have an extra room in your bags. First up if a portable essential oils diffuser, I like having these for in my rental car or hotel room to get rid of any unwanted smells or if you are sharing a bathroom with your inlaws this comes in very handy. Next luxury item on my list is resistance bands, for those of us trying to stick to our new year's resolutions of getting fit traveling usually throws a wrench in that. I typically don’t pack all four of the bands just one or two, but they are great to amp up your quick workout while traveling and I even use them on the plane to get my legs moving. My next luxury is this foldable water bottle, now you do not need one of these, but you do need a water bottle with you. I really like this foldable water bottle for when I am tight on space going through security in the airport but can unfold it and fill it up when I get to the other side. Now for the highest price item on the list is noise canceling headphones. Right now I just use Beats headphones that are currently on their last legs of life, and after comparing them, all decided these are what I would be getting next for protecting myself from crying babies while trying to sleep.