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How To Become A Morning Person

Mornings can be tough, I would know I'm very much not a morning person... at least I wasn't for most of my life till recently. It was a struggle to wake up bright-eyed and happy, but I did get there after a month of really sticking to these tips. When you are trying to make a new habit or change an old one, it takes repetition and focus. Don’t go into this thinking it will be easy for you cause, in the end, you'll just give up if you have that mindset. Be patient and start slow if you need to.

Bright And Cheery

The second you wake up in the morning turn on a light. Make the room as bright as you can it's hard to fall asleep when your bedside light is on, and the sun is shining in your eye's. Turning on a light helped me the most. It started with me waking up turning on the light and laying in bed for a few minutes looking over my social media, but slowly and I mean slowly it morphed into me turning on the lights and starting my day right away.

Wake Up At The Same Darn Time

Okay, this can have a little leeway at the beginning when you are trying to figure out what time works for you, but once you know 6:45 or 7 is the perfect time for you to get everything on time and show up to work 5min early don't switch it up. If you keep waking up at the same time every single day your body will start to remember what time you want to wake up at and it will get easier and easier for you to get out of bed...you might even wake up before your alarm all by yourself

Add On: That also means no snoozes people!

Find A Reason

So you're awake now, what is your reason for not just going back to bed and getting some extra sleep? Well, now you have to find a reason to get out of bed for the first week or so. The day before buy some new exciting breakfast or new tea you've been eyeing that you'll be excited to make in the morning. "But I'm a picky eater" Okay start a new workout class you have been wanting to do. That way you have something outside of your bedroom you want to do, and you'll be excited to get going for. You are going to be way more likely to hop out of bed if there is something fun to do afterward.

Keeping Warm

Your bed is always so warm and cozy compared to the cold morning air that usually greets you, to try and combat this try putting a pair of slippers near the door and maybe even a robe to put on after you get out of bed. Hopefully doing this will keep you a little bit warmer and less inclined to call back in bed cause its cold. No I do not mean putting your slippers and rob near your bed we want you to get out of bed and if that means putting everything you want far away from your bed that's what we are going to do.

Get Moving

Get moving, go on a walk or do a short 15min workout to get your blood moving if that's too much do jumping jacks for a minute just do something. This was the hardest for me to get down with. I started with just walk to the mailbox and then slowly worked my way up to going on a short sprint or 15min workout, trust me it works if you stick to it and you will be so much more energized all day.

Get Pumped

Create a morning playlist that is the same amount of time you have to get to work or school in the morning. Try racing your playlist, see if you can get the same amount of stuff you got done in two songs yesterday in one song today. The music will help you get going in the morning and keep you on time. The playlist will also give you a hands-free way to keep track of the time, and when you're bumping music in the morning I always have an excellent start to my morning so why not?


Have something you do or someone you talk to every morning to help keep you and your schedule on track even when you are traveling or are feeling a little off. Maybe you'll text someone good morning every day, or perhaps you'll have a cup of tea every morning. Pick something you will do EVERY SIGNAL morning no matter the season, the weather, or the mood to help you keep going and stay on track.