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How I Started Break Out Of My Comfort Zones

Since I have relatively bad anxiety things are hard for me to add into my routines or adapt to which means trying new things and getting out of my comfort zones can be really challenging just like everyone else. I want to experience everything the world has to offer I have a wonder for everything and love having knowledge, but when it comes to experience it ill flax out on the day of. I’ve had the habit of signing up for something and then not going through with it, and I try to be very conscious of it. I started working on expanding my comfort zone over the last year and half, I have seen some slight changes, and that’s what counts once you get in the habit of something you usually stay on that path and today I’m sharing the little thing’s I started practicing to help me break out of my comfort zone.

Start Small

Start with little things that make you uncomfortable, pick five things you want to do at least once in a month. Write those five things for a visual reminder and cross them off after you do them to remind yourself that you can do it. Even if you have a big goal like public speaking or sky diving starting small is still an excellent way to get the ball rolling in the right direction and a great way to show yourself that you can, in fact, break out of your comfort zone.

Try New Food’s

I love walking through the grocery store and buying something that I have never seen before or ordering a dish I haven’t yet tried. Doesn’t matter what kind of food or produce as long as it’s new or you’ve never eaten it before. Trying new foods is a very low-risk way of breaking out of your comfort zone. If you want to take it a little further try eating a whole day on a diet, you don’t usually participate in. Trying new food’s is an easy way to do something new, but in the comfort and safety of your own home and it’s fun.

Compliment Strangers

For some people, this is a very normal thing, and for myself it is, but it wasn’t always normal for me, and it’s taught me how to be comfortable with a moderate amount of vulnerability. Try complimenting one stranger each day you’re out and about, you’re probably making that persons day plus you might make a friend out of it all. By talking to people, you don’t know your more than likely starting to make yourself more comfortable being around all types of people and making yourself more social in the process. When you tend to stay in your tight circle of friends, it’s hard to break out of that and by just saying a few words to new people your letting yourself be a safe type of vulnerable with new people.

Learn a New Skill

You can take this as far or as small as you want to, but learning a new skill is a great way to start breaking out of your certain comfort zones. You can make it as easy as learning how to knit you can do that while watching tv on the couch or you would take a dance class. My biggest fear is getting embarrassed in front of people, and that’s why I tend to stick in my comfort zones so I love learning new skills that I can practice at home where no one can see me.

Set a Long Term Goal

When I set long term goals and keep them in the back of my head it’s a lot easier for me to take small leaps of faith along the way. If I can keep my “reward” in mind like let’s say my goal is to start a youtube channel (hint hint), then it’s easy for me to be vulnerable on other social media platform because it’ll be good practice for later. Get the idea?