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Get to Know Me

Hi, I'm True Althea I grew up In Grand Marais Minnesota on the shore of Lake Superior. Ever Since I was little I always loved traveling, being girly, and eating food... who doesn't? I started traveling from a very young age with my family to Mexico during the winters once even road tripping from Minnesota to southern Mexico. As I got older my parents got divorced and in response, I threw my self into school and sports. My dad got me involved in skiing when I was seven and I couldn’t thank him more for helping me into the sport that has now taken over my life and took over many night with practice and weekends racing with the team. In middle school, I started playing volleyball with many of the same girls that I skied with. I started to not have any time to travel anymore with sports and homework being my main priority, but mostly skiing a week off the snow wasn’t an option in my mind. After a really hard freshman year of high school, I switched to online schooling giving me back the freedom to travel and go after some of my goals I had been putting off. After switching to online school I got the change to visit Costa Rica with my family in January 2018 and Tanzania in December 2018. After a trip to Breckenridge Colorado with my boyfriends family this past November I fell in love with the mountains and when returning to home we signed up for a program in Fernie B.C to get certified as ski instructors. I'm excited to share my journey and adventurous with you guys

True Althea XOXO