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Costa Rica Packing List & Tips

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

I always try to pack as efficiently as I can when traveling and usually never check luggage, but still try to keep my wardrobe as diverse as I can. While I was in Costa Rica, I was mostly there on holiday, so I packed more casual clothes with a few dressier pieces and didn't include any formal garments, or if you are planning on backpacking, this list probably won't work for you. So here is what I packed for 2 weeks while I was off in Costa Rica along with a couple of tips.

Costa Rica Packing List


~3 Crop Tops

~3 Light Weight T-shirts

~3 Bralettes

~2 bikini Tops

~1 Tank Top

~1 Supportive Bra

~1 Sports Bra


~4 Skirts

~2 Long Flowy Pants

~2 Shorts

~1 Athletic Short

~1 Bikini Bottom

~As Much Needed Underwear


~Rain Jacket


~Makeup/Hygiene Products


~Close Toed Shoes


~2 Pair Of Socks


~A Big Water Bottle

Pack Don’t Buy

When I was packing for my trip to Costa Rica, I thought Costa Rica would have sunscreen everywhere… Yes, they do but for a price, since most locals don't use sunscreen on everyday baize. So they are marketing sunscreen to the tourists who didn't pack enough for their whole stay like me, that was me, and I spent almost twice as much as I would have at home. Down below is my favorite sunscreen that is not greasy and keeps my skin feeling moisturized.


Just like where you live at home Costa Rica has seasons as well like and they might not be the same if you are coming from far away so before booking your trip make sure to find out what season it will be in Costa Rica so you can pack with the weather in mind.

Don’t Drink The Water

The water in most parts of Costa Rica you can not drink unless it's bottled.When You are trying to pick out what water bottle you would like to bring with you to Costa Rica think about how much water you can carry and how insulated your water bottle is to keep your water nice and cold.