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6 Tips For Traveling Costa Rica

Last January I took a trip to Costa Rica with my family, and it was terrific. Costa Rica is absolutely beautiful with sunny beaches and lush rain forest and lots of cute little critters running around. In Costa Rica, I ran into a few speed bumps that I had wished I did things a little bit differently or on the other hand, I was super glad I did. I hope these tips help you out for your next trip to Costa Rica.

Brush Up On Your Spanish

In Costa Rica, I doubt you'll have many communication issues. Lots of the locals in Costa Rica speak at least a little bit of English, but you should definitely brush up on your Spanish before going. Why? It makes the locals so happy, it makes there day when you try and communicate with them in Spanish plus we were told so many cool restaurants we would never have found without talking to the locals. It’s an excellent experience to have.

Rent A Car

Costa Rica has lots of little towns off the beaten path that are just gems, some of the best food is in small local restaurants that are a little harder to find in big cities I knew I didn't want to miss out on that. When renting a car in Costa Rica make sure you read all the fine print and maybe even give the dealership a call before signing up. When We rented our car in Costa Rica, we didn't do this, and there was a considerable safety deposit that we didn't know we were going to have to pay and it ended up we couldn't use one or our cards for the rest of the trip. To avoid this maybe gives them a call to make sure you've taken care of everything before you get there.

Watch Out For Ants

When I visited Costa Rica Last January, we stayed in an Airbnb up on a mountain with the most fantastic view, but there were ants everywhere. If I even left a chip bag open on top of the fridge, they found it. So just take a little extra care when cleaning up after yourself so you don't wake up to your room being overrun by ants in the morning.

Print Out Your Navigation And Have a Backup Plan

When first getting to Costa Rica we asked the car dealership for a GPS to help us navigate while on vacation, but we ran into some trouble when we realized there are no fire numbers on buildings or houses. We never really knew if we were actually going to the right place so before hopping on to your plane make sure you print out the direction to your hotel or Airbnb, so you have two pieces of navigation to lean back on.

Add More Time To Your Itinerary

I don’t know about you guys, but back home in that states everything starts pretty much on time for the most part, but in Costa Rica not so much. Time is pretty irrelevant unless your booking through some touristy companies. So add some buffer time in your itinerary, so if you get lost on the drive or if one tour ran late you have plenty of time to make it to the next thing. If you do end up being late for something, don’t stress lots of tours run multiple times a day and ask if you can catch the next one.

Being A Long Sleeve Shirt Or Rain Jacket

Although Costa Rica is mostly runny and hot during part of the year, it will rain periodically through the day, and you'll want something to cover up with while it is a little chilly. At night in Costa Rica, it can get a bit cold by the ocean to so bring a little cover up just in case